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MP Safety Forklift training

Course Aim:

Forklifts are involved in a large percentage of incidents in the workplace and users are being seriously injured, sometimes fatally, in accidents that are entirely preventable. Many of these accidents are due to operators not having enough training and also poor truck maintenance. The aim of this course will give you an understanding of the standards of proficiency recommended by the industry standards and impart the expertise and skills to be able to have the capability to drive a forklift. Employers are legally obliged to ensure their employees undertake such training.



Course Objective:

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to competent operation

  • Pre-operational checks and basic maintenance

  • Demonstration and practical experience, including: forward, reversing, manoeuvring within a confined space, loading, stacking and de-stacking, lifting techniques.

  • The law and legislation

Who needs Forklift Training:

For anyone with limited or no experience in the use of a forklift truck

On Completion:

Candidates will receive a three-year certificate

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