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MP Safety Site Audit or Inspection

What does a Site Audit Cover?

MP Safety consultants will arrange to take a construction site audit at an agreed time, frequency, and date. We will undertake an audit of the site health & safety arrangements, including site documentation, and provide a written report that refers to good working practices and legal compliance.

Why does my project need a Construction Site Audit or Inspection? 

The audits and inspections provide peace of mind and reassurance to the clients that the construction work on their projects is being carried out in accordance with best practice and legal requirements and an opportunity for contractors and principal contractors to show that the good health and safety standards and safe systems of work are being followed on their sites.

How will my project benefit from a Construction Site Audit or Inspection?

Clients that require regular inspections and audits can have a proactive approach to health & safety, therefore they can identify issues and trends earlier. By having this in place this can minimise any significant delays to the construction program. These inspections and audits can also provide an opportunity for clients to commend workers onsite and as a by-product improve the moral onsite. In terms of a legal perspective, by carrying out regular inspections and audits show that as the client you have in place suitable arrangements for monitoring and managing the project.

When will my project need a Construction Site Audit or Inspection?

A site audit can be undertaken any time to suit the requirements of the client. We would review the status of the project with the client and advise on the best course of action for auditing the site.

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